Is it ZZ DC, AC Top or Rolling Peppers?

Still as sharp as the Swiss Alps, The Blues Mystery continues to cultivate their own mix of Blues, Rock and Funk. Their second album, Diesel Rock, touches with the personal stories, including all the problems and joy you can have with love, children, being a musician. Willy's voice even gained in expression, the guitar sound is cultivating roughness, adding slide guitar, blues harp and intresting bass lines.

Willy Matt

The French singer-guitar player, landed 20 years ago in the center of the Alps, surrounded by the highest mountains. Tried to settle down, but one phone call from his FIRST LOVE, and 24 years after, they came together again, A MYSTERY. The lives they had built up crashed, THE BLUES. His voice expresses all that, it will touch you.

Gege Bonvin

From his former lineup the drummer Gege went along with him. He is the soul of the group, playing a Charly Watts like straightforward drum, not too many fancy details; they only would disturb the groove.

Walter K. Thut

A Canadian bass player, who had toured with some crazy bands, the wildest one for sure the Toronto based LOOK PEOPLE. Then he also tried to settle down, based on mathematic musical harmonic structures (!) he built up a high tech water treatment company, after that one took off, he decided to go back to music and produce Willy's songs, wrote some own ones for this project.

Irénée Pralong

Irénée joined the three in summer 2011, having grown up in rock bands, coached by local rock heroes, and finally having added quite a long experience in Jazz formations. He was the missing link in the combo; when thinking of Blues Bands not forgetting AC/DC, his guitar playing is the perfect combination with Willy's.

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